What Audiences Are Saying About "Across the Pond"
"What a brilliant night of entertainment! Leisa's wardrobe alone was a HIT! Go see it. You will not be disappointed"
"Saw it with 4 friends on Sunday. Brilliant. So much talent and professionalism. A MUST see before the show leaves town"
"We went to see Across the Pond on opening night. It was fantastic!!! I would go back and see it again in a heartbeat!"
"This show was nothing but phenomenal !!! The "Lonely Hearts Club Band" has got to be one of THE BEST live bands my wife and I have seen in a long, long while. Leisa Way was terrific (what a voice) and she definitely put together a great show. Keep up the great work in bringing all the wonderful entertainment you can to our theatre."
(F. H.)
"My husband and I were at the show last night and really enjoyed it! The talent and energy on the stage was impressive - thank you for bringing this great show to town. All of the band were fantastic. And Leisa Way's talent and versatility....wow!"
"Anyone who has not yet seen this show....go see Leisa Way and her amazing band and crew. It is a phenomenal show, and you will be singing along with them from start to finish! Congrats Leisa... what a fantastic accomplishment to write and perform such a great show!"
"We had the greatest time! They all were fabulous. Spoke to another person said she saw them 3 times. Sooooo happy we got this annual subscription this year."
(M. V.)
"This show is amazing, had so much fun last night. Amazing vocals, and the band was terrific. Singing these songs took me back through my young life! Thank you so much for this entertaining night."
"Saw it today. What a terrific show! The whole audience was bopping to the music. Amazing musicians playing and singing us through iconic songs. And, of course, Leisa Way's incredible voice! Worth the drive through the snow to be a part of it. Bravo!"
"AWESOME SHOW!!! One of the best ever!!! I knew every song except one. Leisa's costume changes were pure magic! That made it so much fun! And the "history lesson" along with the music was genius and added enjoyment, and education...to the show!"
"I clapped, I sang, I cried - so many memories. A true trip back in time. I loved it. I'm headed home to dig out all my old records so I can continue to relive those nostalgic years!"
"The show was amazing. It was too short! It makes you relive your youth and brings back so many memories. It's so worth it!"
"The band was brilliant. The musical arrangements were unbelievable - really outstanding!"
"It was amazing!!! Such super talent to deliver to us so, so many songs that are so well known and loved!!! Thank you!! And, the band has great 'chemistry'!"
"Awesome show, we loved it. Best show the theatre has put on. And this includes Abbamania, Beatlemania, etc. Congrats to the musicians, Leisa Way and all of the crew. You need to do this show again. We loved that they took questions after the show. Nice and personal. Job well done."
"Fabulous performance! Absolutely first-rate all the way! Will definitely tell our friends and family about this show. Have thoroughly enjoyed every single show we've had the pleasure of attending over the past two years, and look forward to many more future shows!"
"Absolutely loved the show! AMAZING"
"It was a remarkably memorable night"
"It was absolutely amazing... and I did do a review on line and for sure will tell everyone that they should go see it. I would go see it again, and so would others I have talked to would, too."
"Saw it last Saturday! Loved it!"
"It was a fantastic night of music. Great vocals and instrumentals. Great time down memory lane, especially the '70s and '80s, my time, even a little Led Zeppelin. Would recommend to all"
"My wife and I saw the show last night and we thoroughly enjoyed it. You guys knocked it out of the park. What a great show."
"Awesome show! Did not disappoint one bit second time seeing it. Everyone on stage looks like they're really enjoying themselves and each other! Well done!!"
"My husband and I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. This is a really good show - thanks!"
"I SO enjoyed myself last night ... WE all did!! Amazing musicians, great learning in our rock n' roll history, comedy, and loved seeing Fred Smith's mad skills on the guitar and hearing him sing. My highlight was definitely the solo in Stairway to Heaven. Loved singing along to SO many songs from the past. Thank you for a fabulous evening!"
"What a treat last night was! That music refreshed the soul and was just brilliant! The show is a 2 1/2 hour burst of energy from start to finish! Bruce Ley did a spectacular job of arranging the music and included so many tidbits, all of which evoked so many memories from the past. And, of course, the talent was just outrageously good! We are still toe-tapping around here!"
"SO enjoyed Across the Pond.. What a walk down memory lane.. What incredible vocal and instrumental talent... if you have not got tickets... you should get some. I could enjoy this again and again... thanks to Leisa and her guys..."
"I believe that every person in the sold-out performance loved every second. They put on such an amazing show, spanning many years and artists. The little tidbits of info was a nice touch, and they were on stage for a long time. We could have watched it for much longer, but all good things come to an end. Wishing you the best for the rest of the run, which itself will be over TOO soon. Such talent."
"Amazing evening! Across The Pond is not to be missed!"
"From the Beatles and Petula to Elton John and Zeppelin, what a great trip "Across the Pond"! The band is so sharp, playing off each other with ease. Everyone gets a chance to shine but the group harmonies and arrangements are terrific. Thanks to Leisa and the gang for a really fun night."
"The show was amazing! We loved it. My friends and I thought it was the best ever. Wow! We attended tonight's show and couldn't get near the band at the end. It was evident everyone thought the same way. Congratulations to Leisa and all the Lonely Hearts Band. Bravo!"
"I saw a whole different crowd at the theatre last night - awesome that this show is bringing them in."
"I saw Across The Pond last night and had a fabulous time! The band are so tight both together and solo - lots of musical memories! Leisa Way has got some killer vocals (and an enviable boot collection)."
"After dinner, we crossed the road to see "Across the Pond". My husband had some hesitations about going to the theatre. It takes away he says from his "badass" persona of a "hot rodder". However, when he left the show he said he really enjoyed it and especially loved seeing the star, Leisa Way, afterwards. I will admit I was a bit "ignorant" to the British Invasion and its impact on North American music. But after seeing that show I realize that without we would have been robbed of some great music. Also many of the songs in the playlist were songs I listened to as a child. Wow, my parents were actually kind of cool! Anyway, if you haven't seen this show yet and you love live music I recommend it. I was impressed by each of the members bringing their own talents to the production. But anytime there's a fiddle involved count me in."
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