Wichita Lineman: the Music of Glen Campbell - Tech Riders


Wichita Lineman: the Music of Glen Campbell

Show length: 2:20 including intermission

Company consists of:
Lead Singer #1 - plays electric & acoustic guitar, fiddle
Lead singer #2 - sings only
Lead singer #3 - plays Bass (electric only)
Lead singer #4 - plays guitars (electric & acoustic) plus harmonica
Piano & bg vocals
Drums & bg vocals
Sound operator (TBA)

Sound requirements: Master List (see above)
- sound cues and pre-show music will be provided on a memory stick or cd

Technical Requirements:
- Require 1 B size pattern holder, accessible before and after the show to be projected onto a black background (our centre sign for the concert is a gobo); Please let us know if you do NOT have this
- One follow spot (please contact us if you do not have a follow spot)
- Two(2) 4x8 risers for drummer
The band set up is in a semi-circle: Piano downstage right; guitar middle right; singer (guitar/fiddle, etc) downstage centre; drums on 2 - 4x8 risers middle left; bass downstage far left


- Will hang 4-6 gold records (very light)
- Require ability to play sound cues/Voiceover/Announcements through house system

Set requirements:

  • 5 music stands and 5 music lights, supplied by venue
  • 3 matching stools, tall stools are preferable
  • piano bench (or armless chair) for piano player
  • change booth or change area set up in wings stage Right with:
    • full-length mirror
    • two (2) blue lights (or better one or two very bright lights)
    • hooks to hang costumes
    • a small table to place costume pieces on
    • chair (any kind will do)

Tech labour required:

  • Help to load in and out - two experienced technicians
  • One Stage Manager (can be same person as LX)
  • One tech to run Lights for show (again, can be same person as S.M.)
  • One tech to run follow spot, if there is a follow spot at venue

Note: *Sound Operator is TBA depending on venue

LX Requirements:

  • Require 1 B size pattern holder, accessible before and after the show to be projected onto a black background (our centre sign for the concert is a gobo)
  • 3 colour wash
  • Specials: DSR/Mid-CS/DSC/DSL
  • Band specials (5)
  • Specials on the records
  • Follow spots
  • Band Music Stand LX(6)

Venue to provide:

  • two (2) comfortable and private dressing rooms with access restricted to artists. Rooms should be equipped with lavatory, towels, clothing rack and hangers and a box of Kleenex.
  • bottled water for Company of (7-8) during all rehearsals and performances
  • in Greenroom: snacks, coffee, tea (Tetley, or Red Rose, plus Green Tea); milk, cream and sugar, and coffee mugs, coffee maker and kettle
  • to provide 7-8 hot dinners for the Company of seven - a minimum of two hours before the first show
  • Out of town Venues (more than a 2.5 hour distance from Toronto): also provide accommodations, a minimum of 6 single rooms.

**Note: Due to allergies, we request that the backstage area be dust free and scent-free. Please ensure the dressing rooms are not cleaned with any chemically fragranced cleaning products. Vinegar and water is fine.
And please ensure that all backstage technicians, costume dresser, or anyone who is in the backstage area does not wear any scented products, (deodorants, hair gel, hand creams, hairsprays, body sprays, etc.)

Thank You!

Way-To-Go Productions


Microphones, DI's & Stands
(1) Kick Drum Microphone
(3) Tom Drum Microphones - Clip on Tom mics preferred
(4> Condenser Microphones - Overheads, Hi Hat, Acoustic Instruments
(5) SM57 Instrument Microphones - Snare, Guitar amps, other
(8) DI's - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass
(6) SM58 Vocal Microphones - Vocals, Talkback
(4) Sennheiser Wireless Hand Held Microphone Systems - **Batteries for run of the show**
(1) Tall Stand Round Base
(10) Tall Stand w/Boom
(6) Short Stand w/Boom
***All Microphones & stands to be in good working order and clean in appearance & have matching booms. Microphones to be equipped with the appropriate clips***


***All Cables to be provided by the venue or rental company***
Approximate required cable list
(35) 25' 3 Pin XLR mic cables
(15) 50' 3 Pin XLR mic cables
(5) 120v 15amp AC Outlets are required for musicians on stage
(1) 120v 15amp AC Outlets are required for the audio mix position
(10) Extension cords
(6) Power bars


Suitable length & correct number of inputs/outputs (Typically 32 sends by 10 returns)
Must be long enough to reach from the audio mix position to USC (The drummer)

(6) Monitor Mixes
(8) Monitor wedges
Monitor Speakers to have minimum 200 watts 12" LF Driver, w/Horn & be an angled wedge.
Wide angle coverage preferred
Monitors to be in good working order and clean in appearance
***Al necessary cable & power amps to be provided by the venue or rental company***
**note: if there is an extra monitor, it will be used backstage for one singer who sings bg vocals back there


A speaker system capable of delivering 100dB of noise free sound to all areas of the auditorium.
System to be comprised of a left & right set of full range speakers with subs.
***All necessary power amps, crossovers, flying hardware & cables to be provided by the venue or rental company***


Minimum 32 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, 16 mixes, 8 VCA's, 4 Stereo effects
Preferred Consoles
Behringer X32, Allen & Heath iLive T112, A&H GLD, Yamaha QL5, CL5, M7CL


48 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, 10 Auxes, 4 Matrix Outputs & LCR Main Outputs
(12) Channels of Compression/Gate/Limiter
(10) Channels 31 band graphic EQ
(2) (Furman or similar) Rack mounted power bar with front mounted lights
***All necessary insert cables, patch cables, adaptors & power cords to be provided by the venue or rental company***


(2) Single Disc CD Players with appropriate cables (#note: now use memory stick for this)
(1) 1/8" Computer/iPod cable

***All FOH equipment to be neatly racked in the smallest most compact arrangement***

Note: CD Players to be easily accessible from mix position. Followed by reverb units, compressors then EQ's near the bottom of the rack. Please provide board lights to illuminate the sound console.

Thank You!


For further information please contact:
Leisa Way, Executive Producer
Way-To-Go productions (Eight Sensational Concerts)
Wichita Lineman
519-940-5510 (office)
Email: leisa@waytogoproductions.ca

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