What audiences say about Way-To-Go Productions:
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show...the songs, info between the selections, the backup band with the singing accompaniment of some of its members, and most of all, Leisa Way. She is truly a lovely, talented, and personable performer. If you are able to catch this show, we highly recommend it.
Carole and Dennis (Simcoe, ON)
I just would like to express my huge thank you for the concert yesterday afternoon. Peggy Lee is one of my favorite artists and you definitely portrayed her so well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Felix, Happy Voyages Tours
Just a note to thank you for the Sunday matinee performance of Dolly Parton. We heard your interview on CBC and this prompted us to make the 4 hour trip from north of the Sault to Sudbury. My three year old grandson was tired, but mesmerized throughout. Please bring your Patsy show to the north!
Ronnie (Wawa, ON)
Dear Leisa, I was fortunate to secure a seat for your Wednesday matinee 'Dolly' concert at Upper Canada Playhouse, performed before a 'packed house'. I, and I am certain, all in the audience, thoroughly enjoyed the show. Once again, as with the 'Patsy' concert, a superb job by yourself and the band. You are indeed added proof of the top rated talent that exists in this country of ours, Canada. May you continue to enjoy your work to the appreciation of your audiences.
Don (Brockville, ON)
Just wanted to say that I went to see tonight's show at Casino du Lac Leamy. I really, really liked it, and you have such a power house voice, for such a small woman. Great show !!! I read your Bio, and thought it is pretty impressive. I hope that you might consider coming back to our area to do the Patsy Cline show. Good luck to you, and your band. Keep up the good work.
Alice (Gatineau, QC)
Hi Leisa - How wonderful your concert was today in Petrolia. My husband and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I read the articles on your website and am very impressed with the many concerts and plays you have done around the world. We hope to see you in the Windsor area soon. Yours truly,
Helen (Belle River, ON)
Hello Leisa, This is Jack, the fellow with the suspenders in Morrisburg. Thank you for picking me out of the audience to have a dance with such a special person. It was a dream come true. I hope to be able to see your return show in October and meet you again.
Jack (Ottawa, ON)
My mom and I were at your Windsor concert and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The music was great and the story of Patsy Cline's life was fascinating. You have an incredible amount of energy and a beautiful singing voice. I hear you are planning a Peggy Lee tribute; I hope it will be coming to Windsor when it is ready so that we can come and have another evening of enjoyment. Thank you once again,
Gloria (Windsor, ON)
Hey, Miss Leisa Dolly! We loved your show the other night! Sure hope they bring you back as we’d go to see you in anything.
Tricia (Regina, Sask)
What a great time was had by all at the Wichita Lineman Show. The performance was nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment that you bring to Orangeville, time and time again.
Dave M (Orangeville, ON)
Just got back from Rhinestone Cowgirl at Lighthouse Festival Theatre. Full of energy, fun and spirit of Dolly Parton. Book your tickets right away!
Norfolk Tourism
I was one of the many theatregoers touched by your warm outreach after attending Sweet Dreams last Saturday. Were I to write a review on your show, it would be something like this: "Leisa Ways 'Sweet Dreams' does more than pay tribute to Patsy Cline: it immortalizes the late great world-renowned country-western singer. Ms. Way's electrifying performance is an absolute tour de force and she is ably aided and abetted by her orchestra, the Wayward Wind." And here's the kicker, Leisa: I had never watched a country-western show before in my entire life. You totally converted me and I can hardly wait to see your Dolly Parton show. Warm good wishes and thanks for that stellar performance!
Bruce (London, ON)
We had three generations at your concert, and I must say, I enjoy the music and it brings me back to hearing my grand-mother and my mom sing when I was very young. I actually could sing along with almost everyone of your songs. :) Mom and I first started going to see you as Pasty, then Dolly, and Wichita Lineman. I must say that they were all amazing and Country Jukebox was and is one of my favorites. That's where mom and I have been spending our mother's day for the past 4 years. I laughed because my mom was still talking about your show yesterday and she probably will for the next few days too! lol And you can bet we will be there next spring.
Lise (Cornwall, ON)
Really enjoyed Wichita Lineman. My wife Linda and I prefer the music of Aaron Solomon and Leisa Way and intend to attend all of their shows. Keep up the great work.
Greg (Montreal)
We really enjoyed the show last night, songs and story were great, the band was superb, wow, and having them involved was awesome, you brought the house down with your closer, you have a great rapport with the audience and I love the way you tell the story, not to mention your great voice. We look forward to seeing you again, hopefully you are back next year!
Don (London, ON)
Hi Leisa, Great show at the Rose Theatre last night, thanks. We have also seen your Patsy Cline show at the Rose which was also great. Your backup, the Wayward Wind, are a very talented group and added much to your show. We look forward to future shows you may put on at the Rose.
Paul & Dale (Brampton, ON)
Leisa, What a WONDERFUL show you put on! I really enjoyed the show and was amazed at how much you embodied Dolly's spirit. I was a huge fan of hers in the 70's + 80's and never missed her on any of the variety shows she was on. You really captured her. Your musicians are just terrific and such a polished group. I am SO glad I saw your show and I wish you all the possible continued success.
Kerri (Toronto, ON)
Dear Leisa, Loved it , loved it, loved it! Brought a bus load from Kanata today, including Alan who danced with you. We loved your show immensely. Thank you.
Jill (Kanata Seniors Council)
WOW! What a show...you are amazing! You sounded fantastic, the band was great and very tight, your presence was HUGE, and the audience ate it up!!! I felt like one of the things your show does is reveal some of the true heart of Dolly...the heart that is underneath the mask of blond wigs, large breasts, and glitzy costumes...that was one of my favourite elements. You seemed to reveal her humanity. Well done!
Paul (Edmonton)
Dear Leisa, Two friends, my daughter and I just returned home from your concert and I have to tell you that I was mesmerized with your voice. The band was also amazing with their great musical talents. It was a most enjoyable evening.
Lisa (Copper Cliff, ON)
Dear Leisa,- - My husband, parents and I have just returned from Rhinestone Cowgirl tonight. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the evening. I am simply wowed by your voice and presence. You were amazing. As my father said "she might as well have been Dolly Parton she was so good" and he's a lifelong fan of hers! It was a fantastic evening and not one we will forget in a hurry. Thank you so much.
Sarah (Primrose, ON)
Leisa, I'm still trying to wipe the smile off my face. You really celebrate the inner spirit of the artist, with your own signature talent. Thank you for this.
Susan (Creemore, ON)
I loved it!! Especially enjoyable was the way Leisa incorporated the songs in with Peggy's life. Costumes were outstanding. The band was fabulous. The unexpected humour was a wonderful addition to the show. Thanks,
Teresa (Caledon, ON)
"Leisa does a great Dolly Parton. She does an EXCELLENT Peggy Lee"
Loren & Kay (Richmond Hill, ON)
We both learned quite a bit inasmuch as we had no idea that Peggy Lee wrote her own songs!!! What an incredible talent she was and Leisa captured her in a way that I am sure Peggy would be flattered.
Maureen & David (Grand Valley, ON)
Leisa, you were superbly fantastic. I remain in awe of your tremendous talent and ability (your beauty goes without saying !!). You've given me another reason to dig margaritas .
Heather (Toronto, ON)
Wow! Wow! Wow! We just loved the show Saturday night. We knew every song except for two. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you so much.
Fran & Gary (Orangeville, ON)
I thoroughly enjoyed your performance last evening at the Brockville Arts Center. 'Patsy' would have been proud of you and your band. Well done! Hopefully I shall be able to catch one of the performances of 'Rhinestone Cowgirl' at the Upper Canada Playhouse in Morrisburg next week. Continued success and good luck in your career. Sincerely,
David (Brockville, ON)
My husband and I had the pleasure of attending your concert this evening at the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood and thought you and your band were absolutely fabulous. We purchased your CD and I know we will enjoy many hours of listening to your songs. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Sincerely,
Jackie and John (Collingwood, ON)
You put on a fabulous show at the Brockville Arts Centre. This was my first taste of a live country music show, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm glad that I made the drive from Kingston to attend. You have all Patsy Cline's songs and her moves and mannerisms perfected. I'm amazed at the energy that you have to keep in constant motion for the whole concert. Your band was great too. I'm enjoying your CD.
Lyle (Kingston, ON)
I enjoyed your concert yesterday, in Morrisburg. Incredibly good. Broadway quality. Sorry I missed your Patsy Cline concert - she's one of my favorites. Will be watching for you to perform it again. You're terrific! Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
Bob (Ottawa, ON)
Just waking up and again reeling from the powerhouse concert last night at the Roxy Theatre. You, Leisa, and your Wayward Wind band were spectacular and a show we won't soon forget. I will be watching the Roxy for more great entertainment as they must bring you back.
Evelyn (Wingham, ON)
I saw your Country Jukebox duets show in Morrisburg and just loved it. Are there plans to do it somewhere in the future? I’d love to see it again. Hopefully the Playhouse will try to book you for the Peggy Lee tribute. See you then.
Terry (Cornwall, ON)
Just a note to say how much my wife and I enjoyed your performance Friday evening in Sudbury. One word, “Fantastic”! Memories, memories. You are one talented young lady. You can even whistle great. Hoping this finds you and yours healthy and happy. Your fan.
Gord (Sudbury, ON)
Hi Leisa, Thank you once again for making my mother's day a special one - my mom and I love the show. One of the best ever!!!
Lise (Cornwall, ON)
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